Anniversary Dress

July 17th marked my 7 year anniversary. While I wanted to wear something special, like everything else, I waited until the last minute. What is worse I only gave myself, the slow seamstress that I am, 5 hours to have this finished and altered. After making the deadline at the last minute, my husband said this dress was a no for him. I still love it. What do you guys think?

The fabric was purchased on AliExpress. Here is the link: .

If you watch my Instagram stories the. You saw me drape on basic bodice on my dress form for the pattern. After that, I added an invisible zipper, and a circle skirt. It was very simple.

Patterned Color Block Jumpsuit

This color block jumpsuit was so refreshing to add to my wardrobe. Like most, I enjoy a cute jumpsuit or romper. I like how they are added to the wardrobe without having to seek out matching pieces. Add jewelry and maybe a belt and you are done. If you want to see the tutorial for my jumpsuit, head over to my YouTube channel by hitting the link below.

How to Sew | Jumpsuit Romper

Here are a few photos.

Day in Miami

Day 3 in Miami I was set to board a cruise ship with Royal Caribbean. I wanted to board the ship in a fashionable, yet comfy way. I whipped out my High Waist Shorts that have wonderful deep pockets and a tummy hiding front. The pattern has been discontinued but I have been using it for years. It is very easy to assemble and you will not regret using it. I left a picture to make it easier to identify the product pattern. The fabric for my shorts came from Fabric Mart Fabrics.

Cruising Along

Day 3 of my cruise was at sea. What better way to occupy my time than to have a photo session in my May Makes of 2018. I designed and created a circle skirt with shorts attached in order to have a no fuss outfit. The tutorial will be coming soon. I got so many compliments on this skirt which I know is greatly due to my fabric choice. A video tutorial and outfit details will be in an upcoming blog post.

Circle Skort!!!

Welcome to Sophisticated Teacher

Thank you for visiting my blog for the first time. My name is Shameka and I have created this blog to share my many outlandish (not really) goals for my wardrobe. It is my goal to make all of my clothes for work and transition into my weekend clothing. It is my goal that sharing all of my creations will inspire others to make their own clothes. I am not someone special that has years of experience or training. I have simply practiced by messing up a lot of fabric so that I have wearable pieces today.

I started sewing when Project Runway first aired on television and then life got in the way and I stopped sewing. Now that my personal situation has changed, I have been sewing again for 2 years now.  I have forgotten alot and do not get in front of my machine as much as I would like but I will share as often as possible.

Please stay posted in order to see my update on my professional fashion.