Welcome to Sophisticated Teacher

Thank you for visiting my blog for the first time. My name is Shameka and I have created this blog to share my many outlandish (not really) goals for my wardrobe. It is my goal to make all of my clothes for work and transition into my weekend clothing. It is my goal that sharing all of my creations will inspire others to make their own clothes. I am not someone special that has years of experience or training. I have simply practiced by messing up a lot of fabric so that I have wearable pieces today.

I started sewing when Project Runway first aired on television and then life got in the way and I stopped sewing. Now that my personal situation has changed, I have been sewing again for 2 years now.  I have forgotten alot and do not get in front of my machine as much as I would like but I will share as often as possible.

Please stay posted in order to see my update on my professional fashion.