Anniversary Dress

July 17th marked my 7 year anniversary. While I wanted to wear something special, like everything else, I waited until the last minute. What is worse I only gave myself, the slow seamstress that I am, 5 hours to have this finished and altered. After making the deadline at the last minute, my husband said this dress was a no for him. I still love it. What do you guys think?

The fabric was purchased on AliExpress. Here is the link: .

If you watch my Instagram stories the. You saw me drape on basic bodice on my dress form for the pattern. After that, I added an invisible zipper, and a circle skirt. It was very simple.


Day in Miami

Day 3 in Miami I was set to board a cruise ship with Royal Caribbean. I wanted to board the ship in a fashionable, yet comfy way. I whipped out my High Waist Shorts that have wonderful deep pockets and a tummy hiding front. The pattern has been discontinued but I have been using it for years. It is very easy to assemble and you will not regret using it. I left a picture to make it easier to identify the product pattern. The fabric for my shorts came from Fabric Mart Fabrics.

Cruising Along

Day 3 of my cruise was at sea. What better way to occupy my time than to have a photo session in my May Makes of 2018. I designed and created a circle skirt with shorts attached in order to have a no fuss outfit. The tutorial will be coming soon. I got so many compliments on this skirt which I know is greatly due to my fabric choice. A video tutorial and outfit details will be in an upcoming blog post.

Circle Skort!!!